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The Bnei HaMashalim

Last Updated May 18, 2013

The Sabbatarian Network has been maintained in the public interest since January 1, 1990 for the sole purpose of providing Spiritual Understanding and The Light of Truth in a world filled with deceit and selfishness. Love is the only motivation for the development of this network, and while we seek no monetary reward, we do seek to provide a deeper understanding for "Like Minded" followers of the True Messiah. Even so, the general public is not expected to believe everything that is written or taught within the realm of "The Sabbatarian Network", "Shamar Briyth Communities Online" or "The Bnei HaMashalim". We only seek to proclaim "The Truth" to the world. We do not seek to prove "The Truth" to The World. Only "The First Fruits" (The Chosen Few) are capable of receiving "Understanding" and "Truth" from inspired Scripture (1 Corinthians 2:14-16) anyway. Therefore, seek the wisdom of "The Self-existent One" with an open mind, and prove all things, as to whether the wisdom contained herein is inspired or from men. Proud scholars and the self-centered will find no answers here. The evidences and Spiritually inspired messages written, maintained and provided by this network, its ministers, and its affiliates are designed as resources that are both thought provoking and informative. What you do with this information is completely up to you.

We call our faith "Mashal Judaism".

"Mashal Judaism" is "
Spiritual Judaism" (Romans 2:28-29), but it is not Messianic in design nor is it ethnic or Orthodox Judaism. Rather it is composed of True Monotheistic worshippers of The One Self-existent Eternal Creator, according to the example of the sacrificial ministry of  Messiah YahShua (and Not the Greco-Roman Jesus or IHS.). We, "The Bnei HaMashalim", are not a combination of Judaism blended with Christianity, as are the false Messianic, false Nazarene, Neo-Isars, and 'Jews For Jesus' nor any trinitarian or binatarian church group(s).

The Sabbatarian Network
(TSN) is composed of autonomous Spirit led individuals and family oriented gatherings of two or more members each, which are 'Spiritually' bound by a common faith and a common goal. We encourage those, who have received the gift of The Creator's 'Set Apart Spirit,' to be both "Followers of The Word" and "Ministers of The Word." Therefore, TSN has been designed to provide both physical evidence and Spiritual support for those who have elected to "Let Their Light Shine," in Spirit and in Truth, according to John 4:22-24. We do not support a network of churches or buildings, as do the worldly church groups. We support "The Temple of YHVH", which only exists within the minds of True Believers.

is a generic term that applies to groups of people that honor The Creator's True Seventh Day Sabbath that begins in Jerusalem, Israel on the seventh day from twilight to twilight every evening, and continues from East to West around the Earth and back to Jerusalem; completely ignoring the International Dateline.

We believe in a lifestyle that revolves around actively seeking the righteousness (Love Perfected) of "The Creator", and a Creator Spirit Force that is not only righteous, but seeks those which seek YHVH's righteousness. We believe that all physically performed Scriptural Rituals (Sabbaths, sacrifices, feasts, gifts, tithes, baptisms, etc.), Laws (covenants, ordinances, etc.), Sufferings (tribulations), etc., given by any Spiritually Anointed and righteousness seeking "Chosen One" of The Eternal Creator (Moses, Messiah Yahshua, apostles, angels, prophets, etc.), are given only for the absolute purpose of "The Perfecting of The Saints"; And are not to be followed as rules for the obtaining of salvation, but to reach (ascend into) an ultimate state of perfection (which is HEAVEN; according to the Righteous Example of Messiah Yahshua). Therefore HEAVEN is not a place so much as it is an intangible "State of Existence" that lies not only within our own minds, but primarily within "The Mind of YHVH". We believe that our inheritance is "The Coming Righteous Kingdom of YHVH on Earth", which is "The Only World" that Messiah came to save. We do NOT believe that a Righteous or Righteousness Seeking Creator would have created the universe for any other reason than to be a Spiritual progenitor of Righteousness.

TSN is only composed of followers of Messiah Yahshua of which some are Jewish by birth and some are gentiles by birth. We do not recognize the Universal Roman Nicene Creed or the christopagan man-god savior, Jesus Christ (IHS), as legitimate, because the Universal Roman church's Jesus Christ, as presented to the World, never actually existed, as a God, god or a man; while the totally human Hebrew Messiah (Yahshua) both existed and exists as our Elder Brother, High Priest, Nazarite Priest, a Prophet, an Archangel, The symbolic Passover Lamb, The First of The First Fruits, and The Creator's (Ambassador) 'Proxy' to mankind. So far, Messiah Yahshua is the First and Only human being to be both a "Chosen" and an "Appointed" (Hebrews 1:2) son of YHWH. The rest of us, who "Follow in the Ministerial Footsteps" of Messiah Yahshua are "Chosen", but not yet "Appointed". There is almost no difference in being "Chosen" and "Appointed", except the passage of time. Time that is required for the "Chosen" to be "Tempered in the Fire", and Time to "Bear Fruit unto Righteousness". Do not be deceived; a spiritually "Begotten Son" does not mean a spiritually or physically fathered son; it means to become a "New Person" ("Born Again") in spiritual righteousness, as a "Righteousness Seeker", and (therefore) become a "Chosen" and ultimately an "Appointed" son of YHVH.

Mark 13:13
Actually does infer that "Those, who have found Favor with YHVH and Endure Until The End" of his or her natural life, "The Same Shall Be Saved;" because the only thing that separates "Those Who Are Messiah's" at their physical death from the "Resurrection Of The Dead In Messiah" is the passage of time. Not just any "Time," but the period of time after death that Scripture refers to as "Sleep." As we all know "Sleep" (death) is a period of "Time" that is devoid of True Awareness. There is a parallel or "Anthropomorphism" that exists between physical "Sleep" during physical life and "The Sleep of Death" after our physical life. Only the dead in Messiah will be quickened by YHVH with an Immortal Soul at Messiah's return to establish YHVH's "Kingdom On Earth" (as "Promised").

Ecclesiastes 8:8 [There is] no man that hath power over the [Eternal] Spirit to retain the Spirit [of Eternal Life]; neither [hath he] power in the day of death [to deliver himself from death]: and [there is] no discharge in [that] battle; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.

Isaiah 52:3 For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money.

In "The Eternal's Love, and Messiah's Footsteps"

D.J. Love,
Minister General

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