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D. J. Love, Minister General, TSN, TSJ, SBC

Written August 28, 2011
Updated August 22, 2013

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  1. 24 Elders:  Who are they? See "The Twenty-four Elders" (click).







  1. Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit: What is it? See "Blasphemy" (click).




  1. Christopaganism:  Christians of worldly power have always been quick to point their accusing fingers away from their own guilt, and they do so by condemning those that refuse to follow their own cultish practices. Therefore the motive behind the term "Christopaganism" by those that recognize their ecumenical plot to control the religions of the world.  You will not find christopaganism in your dictionary, because it is not an acceptable word for Christian biased lexicographers. Nevertheless, it is a powerful word that is becoming a part of the grass roots movement against the Christian deception(s). A christopagan is anyone that believes in the syncretic blending of the ancient pagan practice of "Sun Worship" (nature worship) with and under the disguise of worshipping "The Eternal Creator", and this is especially true of "Jesus Worship". Most christopagans do not even realize that they have been duped, and continue to trust and support their deceivers and religious abusers.

    Note: Recently Christians have gotten wind of this new term and are trying to modify it into beguiling each other into believing that Christianity came first. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Christopaganism is the true term for christianity and always has been !




  1. Dispensation Periods:  Terminology reinvented by Bob Jones Sr. of Bob Jones University to try to explain the complex and inconsistent Christian faith, BUT belief in such dispensations makes the word of YHVH unstable and fickle. "Dispensation" requires one to believe that YHVH changes His mind concerning what is considered Righteous during different dispensational periods. YHVH's "Plan of Salvation" is far too simplistic and completely stable (solid like a rock) and can ALWAYS be counted on to be unchanging, regardless of the time period. There is actually no difference between "The Intent of Torah" and "The Intent of The Heart".

    James 1:17
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
    - King James Version

    Dispensations, according to Bob Jone's definition, are NOT Scriptural, and are a definitive indicator of a "Lack of Understanding". "Dispensation Periods"
    is a tool of Christian rebellion against YHVH's rule over mankind; mankind prefers "Self-Rule".







  1. First Last and Last First:   See Addendum (click).






  1. Holiday versus Holy Day:  Holy Days were designed to teach Spiritual Truths, and to test "Our" faithfulness to YHVH. Holidays are the inventions of mankind to satisfy "The Lusts of The Flesh". See "Holiday Memories" (Click), and "Xmas History" (click).




  1. Immortal Soul: Don't we have an "Immortal Soul" (click)?
  2. Intent of The Heart:  How does that fit in to observance of all of  Yahweh's laws?

    First of all (and just for the record) YHVH has no laws. YHVH has righteousness, and righteousness is His nature, and righteousness is love, and righteousness is His spiritual image, and righteousness is what His (human, but future) children (to be) seek. those who seek righteousness will be rewarded with righteousness, and will then become spiritual reflections (images) of YHVH. Only those who desire (heart's intent is) to be like YHVH in Righteousness will receive Spiritual immortality as His true children (by the way, this is the only method that YHVH uses to reproduce Himself). Thus the reason behind our desire to obey (vows or laws) becomes the point of discernment as to whether we receive righteousness or not. If we seek to obey "laws" then we will not, but if we seek to keep our marriage vows (of love) then we will succeed. so what do you want to obey? Laws or Marriage Vows ? A subtle difference, but the results are extreme and opposite.




  1. Jobs or working on the Sabbath: See "The Sabbath and Jobs" (click).




  1. Karaites:  According to The Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress the Karaite Jews, also called Babylonian Jews, created their own version of The Old Testament called The Karaite Humash; below is an excerpt of The Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress.

    The Karaite Humash During the nineteenth century, two editions of the Humash (Pentateuch) were printed in the same part of the world at about the same time. One is a splendid edition of the Five Books of Moses in Hebrew with a Turkish Tatar translation in parallel columns, published by the Karaite community in Ortakoi, a town near Constantinople, 1832-35. The excellent condition of the Library's copy serves to emphasize the sumptuousness of the edition. The paper, crisp and strong, of the finest linen; the Hebrew letters beautifully designed and expertly cut; the page design featuring wide margins. The Karaites, B'nai Mikra (Children of Scripture), are a Jewish sect which had its beginnings in the eighth century. The sect's chief characteristic is that it accepts the authority of the Bible but rejects the Talmudic rabbinic tradition. At its beginnings ,Karaism constituted a serious challenge to traditional rabbinic Judaism, but as time went on its attraction receded. Its numbers remained small, concentrated in a few centers in Egypt, Turkey, Syria, the Crimea, and Lithuania. If the main body of Jews and the Karaites differed in matters of faith, they shared a common fate, until the incorporation of the Crimea and Lithuania into the Russian Empire at the end of the eighteenth century, when the situation began to change. In 1795, the Empress Catherine 11 permitted the Karaites to purchase land and relieved them of the double taxation imposed upon other Jews. In 1827, Karaites were exempted from the dreaded military draft, which plucked Jewish children from their families for twenty-five years and more of distant military service. It was obvious to the Karaites that it would be to their advantage to distance themselves as far as possible from other Jews. In memoranda to the Czarist government the Karaites consequently stressed their fundamental difference from other Jews, in belief and in history, arguing that they were not Jews but "Russian Karaites of the Old Testament Faith," which became their official designation. In 1840 they were granted equality of status with the Muslims, and in 1863 with native Russians. During the first decades of the nineteenth century, Russian Karaites increased in number as well as in economic well-being, status, and self esteem. What better way to mark and celebrate their ascent than to publish a splendid edition of the Torah by and for the "Children of Scripture." Appearing at the height of the Karaites' campaign to distance themselves from the Jews, the publication would serve that end as well. The Tatar translation was obviously for Karaites only. The group of Karaite scholars who edited the text and prepared the translation was headed by Abraham Firkowitz (1786-1874), an antiquarian scholar and bibliographer who as a leader of the separation campaign wrote messages to the Czarist government and collected documents to bolster the Karaite position. On occasion he was not above doctoring the written record to support the Karaite claims. This Humash then is both an aesthetic creation and a political statement, declaring to the Czarist authorities; We share little with the Jews, no, not even the Bible. They have theirs, and we, like you christians, have ours, this, our own Karaite Humash.

    In my opinion YHVH knew that Satan [Human Nature] would completely create chaos and confusion concerning True Obedience, AND for this reason YHVH only judges "The Intent of Our Hearts".   All YHVH is looking for are people that desire to be LIKE HIM in Righteous Intent. We do not actually have to achieve that goal OR be correct. For this reason TSN has chosen to use YHVH's ancient symbols of LIGHT and DARK to achieve as much correctness as is possible under today's chaotic circumstances. Anything else is legalism, based on rules and-or laws that cannot be proven, and on Scripture that has OR may have been corrupted.

    Let YHVH's Righteousness Seeking Spirit guide you. Do not take the views of The Karaites, Sadducees or Pharisees, and most certainly do not follow Christian / Christopagan teachings. YHVH WILL RESTORE ALL THINGS IN DUE TIME.

  2. Kapparot:  Is a Judeopagan custom that has been added to Yom Kippur by many Jews that mistakenly believe they can transfer their sins to another living creature [ a rooster or hen].  This of course is pure pagan ritual. No one or no thing can die for the sins of another man; not even a Messiah.
    Yom Kippur is supposed to be a period that relates to the importance of rachamim (compassion and sensitivity), which is "Righteousness".  Yom Kippur is a time of SELF-lessness, so much so that "We" become "Living Symbols" of SELF-sacrifice; therefore the symbolic denying of SELF through "Fasting", which is a method of teaching "Self-sacrifice", and not an actual method of removing sin. Christianity (christopaganism) does the very same thing only their false sacrifice is the false nonexistent savior Christ Jesus.




  1. Lucifer  <= Click on link.  A fallen King of Babylon and as a metaphor, a subset of Satan or Human Nature.

  2. Lunar Sabbath: Is there a "Lunar Sabbath" cycle? One of the most Spiritually ignorant concepts ever devised.  Someone has started a movement that the "Seventh Day Sabbath" is reset every crescent New Moon. 

    This concept is purely anti-semitic, anti-messiah, and anti-YHVH. It completely flies in the face of YHVH's "Cycles of Seven". One example of its Satanic Human Nature is the SEVEN WEEK COUNT to SHAVUOT plus one day to PENTECOST. There is NO WAY a Shabbat that is reset every NEW MOON could possibly equal seven Shabbats of exactly forty-nine days plus one day ( 50 days ) for Pentecost. Scripture specifically states forty-nine and fifty day counts, as well as, fifty years counts. If the count to Shabbat were restarted every 29 to 30 days then seven Sabbaths would not equal forty-nine days.

    Lunation: Is the period of a synodic revolution of the moon or the time from one New Moon to the next, varying in length at different times, from about 29-1/4 to 29-5/6 days. The average length is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds OR between 29 and 30 days.

    Leviticus 23:15-16
    15 And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete:
    16 Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.
    - King James Version

    Another issue is the forty-nine years leading up to each Jubilee (every 50th year ).

    Leviticus 25:8
    8 And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years.
    - King James Version







  1. Neopaganism: Is a highly varied mixture of ancient and modern elements, in which nature worship, especially Sun worship, often plays a major role.







  1. Pagan:  What is a pagan? In reality a pagan is anyone who possesses adoration of a physical and-or mental image to the exclusion of "The Eternal Creator" on some level or knowingly worships false gods. This can be carved or molded idols, objects, yourself, other people, crosses, a bible, sex, food, etc. . See "Pagan Defined" (click).
    Currently dictionaries have been rewritten (probably by those with Christian bias) to tie paganism to cults (non-christians), but in reality Christianity is actuality "Christopaganism". Beware of Earthly powers that rewrite The Laws of YHVH. Notice the Christian bias added into the following dictionary definition of "Neopaganism":

    Neopaganism is a highly varied mixture of ancient and modern elements, in which nature worship (influenced by modern environmentalism) often plays a major role. Other influences include shamanism, magical and occult traditions, and radical feminist critiques of Christianity.
  2. Prayer Requests: No man can tell YHVH what to do; not even in prayer. Prayer is meant to be selfless. For example, YHVH will not make anyone victorious over another through prayer or prevent disease or cure diseases unless it serves YHVH to do so. And while YHVH does listen to His chosen, YHVH knows that we only pray that YHVH's Will becomes ( is ) our will. We do not pray that our will becomes YHVH's will.

    However, I will ask YHVH to open your mind and make knowledge and understanding available to you, BUT YOU have to prepare (purify) yourself physically and Spiritually to take advantage of it. YHVH expects you to do your part; there are no free rides.







  1. Saved: Can a person be "Saved"?
    Their is no such thing, as getting "Saved".  Salvation is a GIFT, and cannot be earned as if obtaining a diploma or a certificate.  Salvation should never be the "Intent" of a person's heart. Just remember, "Seek you first "The Righteous Kingdom of YHVH" [and its righteousness] and all things Righteous [including salvation] will be given unto you. Why ? Because those that dwell on Salvation are seeking to satisfy SELF. Human nature lusts for Salvation. Those that seek Salvation simply do not want to die. However, YHVH's future children SEEK RIGHTEOUSNESS (Not Salvation). To seek Righteousness is to be YHVH focused or centered. BTW, there is no such thing as "Once Saved Always Saved".

  2. Sons of GOD:  Who are they?
    The "Sons of GOD" are those humans that have received YHVH's "Righteousness Seeking Spirit"; a.k.a. "Holy Spirit", Righteous Mind set, Righteous mentality, Righteous Character and/or Righteous Reputation.
  3. Suicide: Is suicide an unforgivable sin?
    The issue is not actually suicide. Technically suicide in and of itself is not an unforgivable sin, BUT it may be a symptom of sin. It could be a symptom of excruciating pain, illness, etc. . This issue cannot be decided upon by man, as only YHVH knows the intent of the heart.

    So what is sin ? Sin is anything that psychologically separates a person (mentally / Spiritually) from YHVH. More specifically, SIN is just another term for SELF. When a person dwells mentally on SELF, then SELF becomes the most important issue on Earth to them (this is actually idolatry). Only when a person's focus is on YHVH, do we not sin.

    NEXT, is there anybody that does not sin ? Answer: No!

    So then how might one get or be saved ? Answer: Certainly not the Xtian way ! Why ? Because it is impossible to get saved ! Why ? Because those that dwell on Salvation are seeking to satisfy SELF. Human nature lusts for Salvation. Those that seek Salvation simply do not want to die. However, YHVH's future children SEEK RIGHTEOUSNESS (Not Salvation). To seek Righteousness is to be YHVH focused or centered.

    Does this mean that sinners are pleasing to YHVH ? Not exactly; it means that sinners that SEEK RIGHTEOUSNESS are pleasing to YHVH, even when they make a mistake (like suicide).

    So now the question is:  Was he or she a "Righteousness Seeker"?




  1. Thief on Cross: Didn't "The Thief" (click) on the cross go to Heaven with Messiah? No, and neither did Messiah.
  2. Tongues: Does The Sabbatarian Network allow or teach "Speaking in Tongues"?
    The answer to that question depends on who is asking the question. If the question is coming from someone who has Christopagan concepts as to what "Speaking in Tongues" is, then my answer is NO , BUT if the person asking the question understands that "Tongues" is an actual human language, then my answer would be, "YES." Communication in another language is okay, IF there is an interpreter present, and ONLY then IF communication is absolutely necessary." SO WHY would I say that? Simply because "Speaking in Tongues" is an actual language, and not a blitz of gibberish from a fake tongues speaker, using a fake interpreter. Do the Greek Concordance research for yourself. SO! What about the following verse?

    1 Corinthians 13:1
    Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
    - King James Version

    Here the word Aggelos is improperly translated as "Angels", (Strongs G32). The primary definition of the Greek word "Aggelos" has always been "Messenger"; (especially on YHVH's behalf), AND since this entire verse is about sending verbal MESSAGES , then what we have here is the term "Tongues" or"Languages" of (ordinary) men being included with the languages of YHVH's Chosen Representatives (Ministers, Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, etc.), and NOT some unknown winged angelic language, BECAUSE Winged Angels have ALWAYS spoken to mankind in mankind's own language(s).
    Gibberish does NOT edify (instruct) the Children of YHVH or anyone, but gibberish does "Puff Up" those who claim to have special favor with or gifts from YHVH.

    Additionally this is OFFICIAL TSN doctrine, and no other belief on "Tongues" will be tolerated, even if it means that I have to shut down TSN itself. I cannot allow the vanity of Christopagan Tongues to destroy TSN's ability to edify those who seek TRUTH.




  1. VIDEOS:




  1. Working on the Sabbath: See "The Sabbath and Jobs" (click).












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