Instructions for Life

Refined August 27, 2011

by DJ. Love, Bnei HaMashalim

Our ETERNAL FATHER loves "Us" so very much, that He not only gave us Instructions
(Commandments and examples) on how to Love Him back, and each other, but He, also, gave us instructions in Abundant Living. He told us which meats are the most healthy (clean), and which are least healthy (unclean) to eat (Leviticus 11), and No One knows better than The Creator of the animals, that we eat!

Now "Clean" does not mean without sin, and "unclean" does not mean with sin. However, to ignore YHVH's warnings (Self-determination) is sin. Why? Because YHVH equates Obedience with Love, Love with Righteousness, and Righteousness with Faith. When a human being thinks that they know better than YHVH, as to what is or isn't good for "Self",   then they become self-centered
(self-reliant), and "Self" is "Vanity", and "Vanity" is Sin! It shows a complete lack of Faith in The Creator as your Loving and Righteous Guide; and an over reliance upon your own wisdom. For those of you who look for loopholes in YHVH's Laws, Health Ordinances, Commandments, so that you can Justify [in your own minds] your lack of Obedience, I must tell you that your loveless and faithless attitude is not pleasing to YHVH! And those who live by "The Letter of The Law" will die by "The Letter of The Law";  Loopholes are for LEGALISTS.

Isaiah 66" is a prophecy for the Sabbath Millennial Period when YHVH, and His Kingdom shall dwell on The Earth. Therefore, I say to you, " If the Sabbaths, New Moons, etc ... don't mean anything to YHVH anymore ... then Why Will YHVH want them reestablished within the general populations?"

It was not YHVH,
but Man and Man's Traditions that will force the need for YHVH to Revive His Holy Sabbaths.


Most people make the common mistake of thinking that the Bible was written as a guide for everybody. Well, . . . . the Bible, The Tanakh, The Apostolic Epistles, etc... were not written for everybody. They were only written as Instructions for True Believers. YHVH's Instructions were not given to Egyptians or Romans, etc ....
(this is not to say that a person of any nationality cannot become a "True Believer" or grafted into the vine). YHVH's Instructions on forgiveness of sin, cleanliness, how to love, etc ... were given as a Physical to Spiritual teaching method to the children of His first, but unloving bride, Israel, as a Guide. A Guide born of Love, and for the protection and prosperity of His Chosen Bride (Assembly).

Isaiah 66:22-24

22 For as the New [future] Heavens (plural) and the New [future] Earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.
23 And it shall come to pass, that from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath
(All Sabbaths: Weekly and Annually) to another, Shall all flesh ...Come... to worship before me, saith the LORD.
24 And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me: for their Worm (The Maggot) Shall Not Die, Neither Shall their Fire Be Quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.


Many uninspired people point to verses like Colossians 2:14-17 ,
(verses that were written only to YHVH's obedient "Chosen" people) who were already observing these things. These words were not being spoken to pork eaters, X-mas keepers, Sunrise Service followers, and SUNday worshipers, etc. . . . The following verses are Words of Encouragement to Weekly Sabbath Keeping, New Moon Observing, Annual Sabbath Keeping, and Clean Meat eating Disciples / Ministers of Messiah Yashua, and their ancient forefathers.

The Truly Faithful
don't eat Clean Meat as a legalism, but as a trust or faith. We believe that if we eat "Unclean Meat" in order to preserve life that we have not sinned, BUT we still will have to deal with the physical results of eating the less healthy "Unclean Meats".
  We believe that Clean and Unclean foods have a two fold purpose. (1) to keep us healthy, and (2) to teach spiritual truth.

READ: "The True Believer's Diet" (click) by Norman F. Rowe.


Colossians 2: 14-17
(Written To Sabbath Keeping True Believers)
14 Blotting out the handwriting of  [Letter of] Ordinances [The Law] (Letter of The Law), that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, Nailing It (Letter of The Law) To His Cross (Messiah Yahshua's voluntary sacrifice Nailed both Temporal Animal Sacrifices and Self-Centered Legalism To The Cross) When He (Yahshua) Became a perfected (by his Intent as an) example of a "Living Sacrifice" for Sin;
15 And having spoiled (evil) principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
16 Therefore, Let no man judge you (Sabbath Keeping True Believers) in meat, or in drink, or in Respect (Greek "meros" means "On Behalf Of" Or "During The Course") of an Holy Day, or of the New Moon, or of the (Weekly and Annual) Sabbath days:

How can anyone have RESPECT for something that they do not observe?

17 Which are a shadow of Things To Come [again] (a Revival); but the Body Is of Messiah Yahshua.


What is the BODY of Messiah Yahshua? It is His True Church
(His Bride To Be)! The BODY being ONE made up of MANY parts (believers) that are held together by ONE SPIRIT (Holy Spirit).


I am NOT telling you to observe these things so that you may obtain salvation. Salvation is through faith in Messiah Yahshua's righteous example. But if you already have The Conditional Promise Of Salvation through "Righteous Faith" in YHWH and His Messiah, then I am saying, "Trust Him To Know What Is Good For You!" "Do Not place your Faith in Yourself or in Earthly Priests, scientist or doctors whose Religion is Science!" For your own sake, do Not be Liberal Minded about this matter, and never pit your wisdom against the wisdom of The Creator of All Things !

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
lean not unto thine own understanding.

(Mankind's Understanding)

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